TALKING: Talking during class is just not cool. It is a distraction to other riders. That includes talking on cell phones.

TYPING: Typing on any device during class is not OK. If you think this is OK, this is not the place for you.

BEFORE/AFTER CLASS: If you enter the studio while a class is in session, please remember to remain quiet until the class is complete so you don’t distract your fellow riders. After your ride, please be conscious of the next class starting on time.

THE "GOAT" FACTOR: No one wants to work out in a smelly barn. Please wear clean clothes to the ride and be aware of your personal hygiene. It is just unpleasant to ride next to someone who smells like a goat.

EQUIPMENT: This is your studio, please take care of it by cleaning off the bikes and equipment. Also, let the instructors know immediately if your bike requires maintenance. We are committed to maintaining our equipment to the highest standard.  

FRONT ROW: The front row dictates the integrity of the class. All riders matter, but if you choose to ride in the front row know that it is your responsibility to follow the instructor and stay on the beat because the person behind you is following you.

CANCELLATIONS: Our 12 hour cancellation policy means that you will be charged for your class unless you cancel prior to 12 hours before the class start time. We recognize that classes fill up quickly and that many people that want to ride find themselves on the wait-list.  So if you are not able to make class and are within the 12 hours, please cancel ahead of time so someone who is on the wait-list can be notified that they have a bike.  It may be you on the waitlist next time...

CONSIDERATION: Class starts on time. If a class is sold out and there is a wait-list, your bike will be given to the next person on the wait-list 4 minutes prior to the start of class. If you have to leave class during the cool down, please do so quietly.  

Gum and earplugs have a place, in your mouth or in your ears (your choice) but one place they shouldn't be is on the floor. Please pick up your used gum and earplugs and throw them in the trash.

Psycle Ettiquette
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