Katie Duffy

A dark room.  Loud music.  I don't know a better way to connect with yourself.  I've been teaching indoor cycling for 4 years.  My class will kick your butt, open your mind and set your soul on FIRE.  I love when the beat drops and when the base hits so expect EDM, Hip-Hop and be ready to rock your roll.  I promise to lead you through a safe, effective and fun journey every time I'm on that stage. Cleveland, time to ride!

Katie Duffy instructs the following:
  • Wake up and ride!  This ride will crank your body and mind awake like no cup of coffee can ever do... Slightly shorter than a PSYCLE 60 class, this one is set up with a bit higher intensity so you can get in, get done and blast off to your day!
    approx. 50-54 min ride + stretch