Kim Rush

A candlelit room, infectious energy, pulsating music, pedaling to the beat….what’s not to love? Psycle drew Kim in over five years ago and she hasn’t looked back. Falling in love with the opportunity to work from the “inside out” , she has found solace on the bike more times than she can count.

Kim takes the Psycle stage as a certified instructor and will lead you on a journey that rocks your heart and soul; and leaves you craving more. Come pedal to the rhythm, get lost in the lyrics, and dance. Kim is also a certified yoga instructor, so as a bonus, expect to leave a little more “zen” than you arrived. See you in the saddle!!

Kim Rush instructs the following:
  • PSYCLE 60
  • Don't just workout, you'll work from the inside out and the time will fly by as you pedal to the beat of the music and engage in an active mediation. Intention, focus, discipline and rhythm are the foundation for what is likely to be a life changing experience. Ride along this path for permanent change!  A full body experience with high energy music will set you up for lasting success.  
    approx. 55 min ride + stretch

  • DONATION ONLY RIDE - VeloSano (w/ Mike Chase & Kim Rush)
  • This 60 min class is free to sign up and then make whatever your preferred donation amount at the studio.  100% of the money goes to the charity.  Come have fun at this great ride and support a great cause.
    The music theme for the ride is Celebrating Cleveland Summer Concerts 2017!

    This is the 4th year for VeloSano and to date the event has raised over $8 million dollars for cancer research... and EVERY cent stays right here in Cleveland.

  • Wake up and ride!  This ride will crank your body and mind awake like no cup of coffee can ever do... Slightly shorter than a PSYCLE 60 class, this one is set up with a bit higher intensity so you can get in, get done and blast off to your day!
    approx. 50-54 min ride + stretch