This class is taught by:

Maria Zemen

A lifelong soccer player, dance machine and all around fitness enthusiast, Psycle has given Maria the opportunity to channel her intensity and passion into helping her students achieve their mental and physical fitness goals. After two re-constructive knee surgeries took her out of the game she loved, Maria discovered indoor cycling as a perfect means to rehab her BODY, MIND and SOUL. “From the minute I climbed my first standing hill on the bike, I felt that competitive spirit come alive in me again. I couldn’t get enough.” Maria takes an encompassing approach when teaching on the bike incorporating seated and standing sprints, tricep dips, heavy hill climbs, oblique crunches, hovers, isolations and more. Energy and form permeate her rides. Incorporating a diverse mix of music that will keep you motivated and coming back for more, Maria plays everything from System of a Down to Shakira to Johnny Cash. You’ll find your BODY and MIND connection get stronger as you build strength and endurance on the bike.

Maria’s passion and intensity extend beyond the bike. She also teaches total body strength classes that focus on pushing you past your comfort zone while you build confidence and meet your fitness goals. Maria designs her strength routines to target all major muscle groups and provide various modification techniques for all fitness levels. In addition to using your own body weight to build strength, you’ll incorporate various “toys” that will work your muscles in a whole new way including: body bars, medicine balls, gliding discs, stability balls, bosu and more. “You have to keep your muscles guessing if you are going to get stronger and push yourself past that plateau point. It’s all about determination and change.”

Whether she’s leading you on the bike or kicking your butt at strength, you’ll find Maria’s energy, humor and passion will fuel your fire to reach new heights you never thought possible.

Emily Minnich

Willing to try anything once, Emily was dragged to her first class back in 2010 where she met Jenn Sommers and she has been hooked ever since. "It is amazing what you can accomplish both physically and mentally on a stationary bike… if you are willing to just let go." The real world isn't easy. You might only get one hour for yourself in a day to commit to making yourself better on the inside and outside. Based on the pillars of focus, discipline, rhythm, and intention, her classes begin to transform both bodies and attitudes. Emily steps on to the instructor stage bringing along her energy, soul and yes, her humor. With her invaluable taste in music and sense of flow, this is a ride you will not want to miss. So put on your big girl or boy pants and give her class a try!

Shannon McDonnell

Shannon attended her first indoor cycling class in 2008 through the encouragement of her roommate who was an instructor. After two years of attending multiple classes a week, she was obsessed. She couldn’t believe how much cycling had changed her life and her body. She made it her goal to bring herself to the peak of her physical fitness. Once there, she looked for a new goal, to become an instructor. She was then certified and started her teaching career in late 2010. She taught for 2 years at a fitness club and then at a private studio. Shannon found Psycle® shortly after opening and fell in love with the studio’s teaching style and ethics. From the moment she stepped foot in Psycle®, she knew it was something special and aspired to join the mission to help others change their life on a bike.

As an instructor, Shannon believes in constantly changing the routine and blasting the music! In Shannon’s class you will use weights and get a full body workout through different exercises. You’ll never be bored with Shannon’s range of music. From Def Leppard to Britney Spears, there’s something for everyone. She was a cheerleader and then a coach for the last 12+ years, and her enthusiasm and spirit shows throughout her class. Positive energy and fun abound!

In her spare time she likes to travel, drink wine (especially champagne!), take her Rottweiler puppy on hikes in the valley and spend time with her fiancé! Her wedding is next summer and plans on bringing everyone on her journey to her best self for the wedding day and beyond! Let’s Go!

Jacob Holland

Drawn to the energy and pulsating beat of the music, Psycle drew Jacob through its doors a little over two years ago. 70 pounds and a whole lot of sweat later, he now guides others through their journey of self-discovery and motivation. Driven by the idea that anything can be accomplished in a dark room on a bike going nowhere, his passion and enthusiasm for every ride he leads resonates long after class ends.
Detox - Retox, that's how we roll! Come and join in the fun for a soul inspiring, energy filled ride. Think of it as a cardio party on bikes!  approx 55 min ride + stretch