This class is taught by:

Katherine Bulava

Since childhood, Katherine has found peace, solace, purpose and pure joy being in motion.  Everything from hiking to yoga to TRX and strength - you name it!  As a long distance cyclist, Katherine knew there had to be something more engaging than a trainer in the basement during the winter months.  A friend convinced her to take an indoor cycling class in 2013 and she was hooked.  MIND BODY SPIRIT AND SOUL brought Katherine to Psycle in 2014.
Katherine's Flow and Flexibility routines are yoga-inspired but geared toward the MIND, BODY and SOUL of an athlete and pay special attention to those places that hurt when you've put your all into a ride, TRX or strength class.  Attend a class or two and find out how much more your body can do if you give yourself the time to fully stretch.  Make FLOW and FLEXIBILITY  a consistent practice and notice a balance and strength to your core.  Set your INTENTION.  Katherine's motto:  There's always someplace to go that you never thought you could get to.
A yoga-inspired flow focused on stretching out all the muscles you push to the limits in our PSYCLE, STRENGTH and TRX classes. A full body experience – each class provides a unique opportunity to stretch out your muscles, enhance your balance and increase your flexibility, benefiting your core strength and healing your body so that you can do more!