This class is taught by:

Hallie Coughlin

Hallie has always been active and loves a good sweat. She is committed to living a healthy lifestyle with a passion in the type of workout offered at Psycle®! The idea of working on yourself from the inside out, ultimately making you mentally and physically stronger, is what she is all about!

Hallie realizes the value of your time and is committed to creating consistent, challenging, and quality rides. Being surrounded by positive energy, awesome music, and strong leadership only adds to the benefits at Psycle®. As your indoor cycling instructor, Hallie will create an energizing ride full of enthusiasm, encouragement, and support. You can count on an incredible playlist that will relax your mind and let you focus on yourself for the entire ride- you will leave feeling strong and ready to take on anything!

Off the bike, Hallie is a mom and art teacher. She loves spending time with her husband John and their growing family! Getting together with family and friends, exploring in the kitchen, creating artwork and practicing yoga keep her balanced and happy.

Jennifer Kryz

Jenn has been sharing her infectious energy and passion from the stage for over 7 years. Named Best of the West Fitness Instructor in 2013, she continues to engage her riders by inspiring them to work from the inside out because healthy minds breed healthy bodies. From Madonna to Beyonce to Marilyn Manson, you can be sure of two things, you will be sweating and dancing A LOT! She also guarantees you will have FUN and you will work HARD, demanding riders bring their A game each and every time.

You will get to the edge and discover one of two things….you will step off onto another platform or you will learn to fly.

Brooke Hammond

Your preferred Psycle® workout includes:
• Britney Spears
• Encouragement Feeling like a rockstar
• Guidance
• Life-changing awesomeness
• All of the above

We didn’t rip the above quiz from one of Brooke’s kindergarten lesson plans, but her passion for teaching extends past her elementary school classes to the Psycle® stage. Whether warming up with West (Kanye), racing to Rihanna or cooling down with Christina, Brooke firmly believes that when her students unite rhythm with their rides, the rest will quickly follow.

Seeking a form of low-impact physical activity after two major back surgeries, Brooke took her first spin class five years ago…and although her bike is stationary, she hasn’t looked back since. Since joining the Psycle® family, Brooke has reaped the benefits of the program in every aspect of her life – emotionally, physically and personally. She firmly believes that we find our strength in those moments when quitting seems like the only option, and encourages her students to push their limits and grow.

Brooke’s classes are tailored to those who are new to Psycle® or spinning, those who seek a recovery ride or experienced riders seeking to improve their form and focus on the bike. And, obviously, anyone who loves a good playlist.

Elcin Riza

Finding herself at a personal and physical standstill, Elcin knew it was time for a real change. She was looking for something different and was tired of the big-box gym scene — always finding the environment sterile and impersonal.

Elcin walked into Psycle for the first time in January of 2012. She initially wanted to burn a ton of calories in a fun way, but she soon craved more. Attending multiple classes a week, she quickly realized this was the start of a personal journey on which she never imagined embarking.

Living with a “be where you are” attitude, Elcin found Psycle to be a true sanctuary where she was safe to let go. There was no judgment, just an undeniable energy. She was able to leave the noise of life outside the studio doors, lose herself in the moment and the rhythm of the music, and connect to lyrics she had heard before but never really felt. With the camaraderie and energy of the instructor and riders beside her, song after song, ride after ride, pedal stroke by pedal stroke, she has reached and even exceeded goals she once deemed unattainable. Today, she is the strongest physically, mentally and emotionally that she has ever been.

Elcin takes the Psycle stage as a certified Instructor. She rides with heart and soul. She has a passion for music and brings huge energy. In her classes you will hear a diverse mix of music from country to rock, from old school to the hottest hits of now. Her playlists are designed to enliven the body, inspire the mind and spirit, and always be fun. Elcin recognizes that everyone has different goals, and she encourages you to share — you don't have to go it alone. Join her for your ride as you embark on your own journey of change.
This is a donation only ride - 100% of proceeds will go to TOYS FOR TOTS.
You will NOT be charged a series class for this ride, rather, please bring your donation to the studio.